Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Draft

Jack Zduriencik, the architect of the Brewers farm system which produced the heart of the current team, will go to the June 2008 First-Year Player Draft with 7 of the top 91 picks. Their own first round pick is #16, then they get a total of four compensatory picks at the end of the first round and in the second round for losing Type A free agents Francisco Cordero and Scott Linebrink. Currently those picks are #32, #35, #50, and #51. Their own second round pick is #59 and their third round pick is #91. Some of the later picks could change as a result of free agent signing activity by other teams. While there's no guarantee that any draft pick makes it to the show, looking back to the the 1998 Draft, those same numbered picks produced Kip Wells, Aaron Rowand, and Adam Dunn. Quite a nice haul. And Zduriencik has the know-how to top that. has an excellent analysis of the Brewers upcoming draft.

Zduriencik was promoted to a Vice President position by the Brewers this off-season after winning the Major League Executive of the Year Award - the first non-GM ever to take that honor.

Rickie Weeks' young brother Jemile is one of the top prospects in the draft; also a second baseman with supposedly more speed prototypical leadoff hitter skills than his big bro'.

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