Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I’ve read a lot about the feeling that moving Ryan Braun to left field will block top prospect and last year’s number one draft pick Matt LaPorta. LaPorta’s natural position seems to be left field, although he will be playing some right this year. I’ve never understood this notion of a minor league player being blocked.

Assume that LaPorta can play left field, right field, or first base. The Brewers have three pretty good players in those positions – all three currently better than LaPorta. What that means is that LaPorta must become better than one of them to get a job. As long as Braun, Fielder and Hart are better than LaPorta, he doesn’t help your team so he stays in the minors. Once he becomes better, he replaces one of those three. It’s that simple. Just because LaPorta might already be good enough to play on some team doesn’t mean you are obligated to play him on this team.


Andrew Romagna said...

Assuming a natural progession for Laporta. I would assume we could easily move Hart to center to accomodate him. Additionally, as much as we would love to have all 3 of them the reality is that in 3 or 4 years the trio of Hart, Fielder, and Braun will be very expensive. Moving one of them to pick up cheaper prospoects is not out of the question.

Scott Segrin said...

All true. That's another reason why I never feel that a minor league prospect is blocked. Things change in baseball much faster than you'd imagine they normally would. There are a hundred scenarios under which LaPorta will work his way in just fine.

Thanks for writing.

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