Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prince Fielder or Ryan Howard

Jayson Stark poses this question in a chat on ESPN, wondering which young slugger you would choose to build a team around. He doesn't definitively answer the question but in the end says he'd take Howard because he's seen him play more. I'll take Prince for the same reason.

Ryan Howard isn't exactly young - he's 28. Prince is 23 and already has 80 career home runs. That's 80 more than Howard had at the same age. Prince's build may negate the difference in age however. He has trimmed down to 260. Wow. That's still a lot for a six foot frame to carry around. Did you know Prince hit an inside-the-park home run last June in Minnesota? Picture that.

Q: Who is the all-time Major League career home run leader among players who weighed 260 pounds or more?

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Scott Segrin said...

A: Prince Fielder
(Swear - you can look it up)
Former Brewer Joey Meyer is second on that list with 18.

Dave said...

Actually, I would think its Big Hurt. He's listed at 275

Scott Segrin said...

I used the Sean Lahman database which lists Thomas at 257. That's nit-picky, I know. Big Hurt was a big boy and no doubt topped 260 for part of his career - especially early on. He seemed to me to slim down some as he got to the later part of his career.

I did do a couple of spot checks in other sources. The Bill James Handbook lists Thomas at 275 for several years and the TSN Baseball Guide has him at 270, so I'll concede the point.

I'm old enough to remember Boog Powell playing (who's listed at 240 in the Lahman database). I don't remember there being much difference in size between him and either Thomas or Fielder. He was one of my other suspects. Either way, this gives one some hope that Fielder can sustain some longevity in the league despite his girth.

Kyle Lobner said...

FYI - It's Jayson Stark, not Jason.

Scott Segrin said...

Corrected - thanks.

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