Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pondering Mike Cameron

Before the signing of Mike Cameron, the Brewers had no left fielder and very weak fielders at third base an in center field. The signing of course changed all of that, shuffling Ryan Braun to left, Bill Hall to third, and putting a 3-time gold glove winner in center. Some combination of Tony Gwynn, Gabe Gross, and Lord knows who else will keep center field warm until Cameron’s 25-game suspension is over. Hopefully we’ll be none the worse off for the wear.

But a closer look at Cameron reveals that he’s missed 103 games between 2005 and 2006 due to injuries. Granted, a good chunk of that was a result of his flying face-to-face collision with Carlos Beltran in ’05, but he also missed time with an injured wrist and strained oblique. Are Gwynn and Gross good enough to cover more than 25 games in center if Cameron gets hurt? Then it struck me. What if Cameron gets busted again? The next suspension I believe would be 80 games. Add that to the 25 he’s already serving and it’s almost two-thirds of the season. Now you’ve got a hole in a much more important position than left field and you’re filling it with the same guys.

Cameron claims to not know what nailed him on the first two tests. He suspects that the first one was from a supplement and the second from an energy drink. The first failed test obviously didn’t scare him into only drinking milk or Aquafina. I hope he knows how to keep himself clean or the Brewers could have a major problem on their hands.

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