Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Bird in the Hand

...and $2.55 million to Bush.

The Brewers signed David Bush for slightly below the midpoint between their respective arbitration figures. This leaves J.J. Hardy as the only unsigned Brewer. The two are $650K apart based on arbitration offers. One would assume that Hardy will get a one-year deal for somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.8M.

While that would finish Doug Melvin's contract work for this year, he's going to have his hands full next year. Baring Hardy signing a long term deal, by my calculations, the following players will be eligible for salary arbitration going into 2009:

Chris Capuano
Claudio Vargas
David Bush
Derrick Turnbow
Prince Fielder
Rickie Weeks
J.J. Hardy
Corey Hart

Add to that Ben Sheets and Eric Gagne will will be eligible for free agency and Melvin will have a lot of financial analysis to do between now and this time next year.

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