Saturday, February 23, 2008

Contract Extension for Braun?

One of the headline stories on speculates that the Brewers and Ryan Braun are working on a long term contract extension.

UPDATE: I left this comment in the BrewersNation blog. I thought it would make sense to copy here...

Signing Braun now would be a way of front loading your payments to him rather than back loading them. In theory, he would get more per year now than he otherwise would, but less per year 4-5 years from now than had he waited to sign until then. I think it makes sense to sign some of your key players to long term deals now as a way to flatten out the overall payment schedule. If you wait until they are all arbitration eligible, they - as a group - are going to take you to the bank when you finally have to sign them all to big deals.

I doubt Prince Fielder - or let’s more accurately say, Prince Fielder’s agent Scott Boras - would even consider a long term deal with the Brewers at this point. Prince stands to earn $10M-$15M/yr through his next three arbitration years. Then a $100M+ contract awaits him after that - sooner if Boras can talk the Brewers into trading him. Everyone realizes that a contract of that magnitude doesn’t fit in the Brewers big picture - Mark Attanasio or not.

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