Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ryan Howard Paves Way for Prince

It looks like Prince Fielder will be able to afford a lot of salad and Boca Burgers after he signs a new contract next year. Ryan Howard of the Phillies has raised the bar for first-time arbitration cases with a $10M score. You don't need statistics to tell you that Fielder and Howard are uncannily similar players. Howard's paycheck is sure to be the lead story in Fielder's contract negotiations next year.

With Matt LaPorta waiting in the wings with his fresh three years of pre-arbitration, you wonder how long the Brewers will hold on to Fielder. His trade value has got to be enormous, especially with a couple of years left before free agency. Moving Fielder after this year or next would clear the way for LaPorta, clear about $12M off of the payroll, and land you a handful of quality players in return. It will be interesting to see if Melvin follows this model, or tries to lock up all of the young stars with long-term contracts.

ADDENDUM: In the article about Prince's new vegetarian ways is the following:

He does know his favorite vegetarian food so far is Boca Burgers, a burger patty made from soy protein and wheat gluten. But he is obviously still a newbie because he has to "load it up with ketchup" for it to be just beyond tolerable.
Huh? His "favorite" food is "just beyond tolerable"? Maybe he ought to rethink this whole vegetarian thing.

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