Friday, February 15, 2008

Saving For The Future

Sports Bubbler just wrapped up an excellent series on the Brewers Top 20 prospects. Here are the links if you'd like to take a read. Most included pictures of the players.

1. Matt LaPorta (OF/1B)
2. Manny Parra (LHP)
3. Mat Gamel (3B)
4. Cole Gillespie (OF)
5. Jeremy Jeffress (RHP)
6. Jonathan LuCroy (C)
7. Taylor Green (3B/2B)
8. Angel Salome (C)
9. Rob Bryson (RHP)
10. Caleb Gindl (OF)
11/12. Brent Brewer (SS)/Alcides Escobar (SS)
13/14. Darren Ford (OF)/Zach Braddock (LHP)
15/16. Lorenzo Cain (OF)/Michael Brantley (OF)
17/18. R.J. Seidel (RHP)/Luis Pena (RHP)
19/20. Steve Hammond (LHP)/Mark Rogers (RHP)

The list is a little shallow on pitching, especially near the top - something the Brewers will certainly address at this June's draft. Recall that they traded one of their top pitching prospects Will Inman to get Scott Linebrink.

[Originally posted 2/14. Updated links and bumped back to top 2/15.]

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