Friday, February 1, 2008

A Short Walk

The Brewers announced that there were no former Brewers or Braves elected to the Walk of Fame at Miller Park for 2008.

[No] former Brewers or Milwaukee Braves player or staff member received the necessary 75% vote for election to the Walk of Fame. Former Brewers outfielder Ben Oglivie was closest with 71% (27 of 38 ballots).

Voting is conducted among local media and members of the Brewers organization.

In 2007, the first year that former Braves players were on the ballot, Eddie Mathews, Warren Spahn and John Quinn were elected. No one was elected in 2006.
Only thirty-eight people vote? Really? That's it? That seems a little bit elitist.

This is now two out of the last three years that there were no new inductees. Given the recent history of the Brewers... I guess that thing had its run.

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