Friday, February 22, 2008


There is some talk that Carlos Villanueva may start the season in the Minors. This takes some people by surprise given his much talked about 2-2, 1.99 ERA record in six starts last year.

I wondered just how good those starts were anyway. I devised a simple little point system to evaluate each of the Brewers pitcher's starts last season. I gave 1 point each for pitching 7 or more innings, striking out 7 or more, and walking no more than 1 batter in each start. The most points you can get for any particular start is 3 and the lowest, obviously 0. Then I calculated each pitcher's points per game started:

Pitcher Starts Points
Gallardo 17 1.06
Sheets 24 1.00
Bush 31 0.94
Capuano 25 0.80
Suppan 34 0.62
Vargas 23 0.57
Villanueva 6 0.17
Parra 2 0.00

As you can see, there was nothing particularly spectacular about Villanueva's starts. He did keep runs off the board, which is obviously the idea, but he didn't do any of the things that dominant pitchers often do.

Gallardo's position on the list is a pleasant surprise. There are many indicators pointing toward stardom for Yovanni.

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