Monday, February 18, 2008

Yost Interview

I had promised to discuss Tom Haudricourt's article about his interview of Ned Yost in Sunday's paper, except my furnace was out yesterday and it was only 52 degrees in my house. Made it a little hard to type.

The article was mostly fluff anyway and did nothing to change my mind that Yost had a complete meltdown last September in the game against the Cardinals when he ordered Albert Pujols pluncked. Yost said he did it to stick up for his players. The Brewers were in the middle of a pennant race. The game was in the 8th inning with the Brewers leading by one. That's not the time to stick up for your players - that's the time to win a ballgame. Sticking up for your players is something that can reap long-term benefits for a manager, but there was no long term at stake here. There were only four more games.

Part of being a successful leader is to never lose sight of the final goal. On that day last September, Yost was not a successful leader.


Anonymous said...

Your exactly right.

Fielder was hit in the second inning. Yost waited until the 8th inning on a one-run game to "stick up for his players"??

That sounds like he lost sight of the main goal. I agree you have to stick up for your players, but just announce in the dugout that the Fielder beaning will not be forgotten, but will be retailiated for in 2008. Or, there was another game the next day vs. St. Louis and tell them if they get a big lead, Pujols will go down.

But don't do it in the situation you did it in.

Scott Segrin said...

Show me a "player's manager" and I'll show you a loser. Most good managers don't worry about being all chummy and one-of-the-guys with their players like Yost seems to. Tony LaRussa would never have done what Yost did. He had Ned for lunch that day.

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