Monday, March 31, 2008

3/31: Brewers 4, Cubs 3 (10)

There are a trillion places on the web where you can get a blow-by-blow, pitch-by-pitch rundown of what happened in every game. I don't intend top repeat any of that here, but I do want to record some random thoughts and ponderings I have. My own personal diary if you will - the things you don't keep track of on the scoresheet - the in-between hops.

The Brewers still can't score runs for Ben Sheets.

You know how when a team has a really good year, you often get the sense that everything is going right for them, even when things are going bad? Bill Hall's base running blunder made me think of that. Zambrano was knocked out of the game on the play. That kind of stuff.

It's odd seeing a skinny catcher in a Brewers uniform.

Good to see Tony Gwynn contributing. I hope he's hitting .450 when Cameron comes back.

Did we really sign Eric Gagne, or did Derrick Turnbow grow a beard and buy a pair of goggles? Man - that was bad. I wonder if Gagne will lead the team in saves this year. My son says Gagne is a steroid bloated fake. He did nothing today to disprove that.

Prince looked mighty ticked after the botched play at first base - at himself or at Gagne?

There was quite a bit of emotion out of the Brewers. They stayed in the game after blowing the lead in the ninth. That's good to see.

Nice win against a very good team.

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