Monday, March 17, 2008

Arms Race 4 - The Finale

For my final installment of Arms Race (since by next week we will pretty much know who's in and who's out), I handicap the Brewers' pitchers chances of making the starting rotation as follows:

1. Ben Sheets (100%)
2. Jeff Suppan (100%)
3. Claudio Vargas (95%)
4. David Bush (90%)
5. Manny Parra (65%)
6. Carlos Villanueva (50%)
7. Chris Capuano (0%)
8. Yovanni Gallardo (0%)

Capuano left today's game with elbow soreness almost guaranteeing him a trip to the DL (even if he's not really hurt). Carlos Villanueva has pitched respectably, but Manny Parra has been outstanding and I believe now has the inside track for the fifth starting spot.

With so many other teams suddenly looking for pitching help, I believe David Bush will attract some offers. Knowing that Gallardo will be thrown into the mix a few weeks into the season, it still wouldn't surprise me if Melvin pulled the plug on a deal, settling the rotation at least temporarily. Once Gallardo returns, there will be another logjam which would likely either send Villanueva to the bullpen or Parra to AAA, depending on who's not performing.

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