Thursday, March 6, 2008

Memories of 4

I will crawl out of my Brett Favre funk and get back to writing about baseball. Please bear with me. It's tough. Real tough.

On a radio call-in show yesterday, people we telling their greatest Brett Favre memories. They were all of the things you would guess - the Super Bowl win, the game after his father died, the last game at County Stadium, an so on. My greatest Brett Favre memory was from a game that Favre didn't even play. It was in Super Bowl XXXV when Baltimore Ravens quarterback Trent Dilfer took himself out of the game in the third quarter and went to the locker room because he had a cut on his left pinky finger. 'What a freakin' pussy,' I thought to myself. 'Brett Favre wouldn't take himself out of a Super Bowl game if his pinky had been chopped off.' And I truly believed that. What Trent Dilfer did that day is the polar opposite of what I believed Brett Favre to be. There was no tougher competitor to ever play the game. That moment encapsulated it all.

His press conference starts in a bit. After it's over, I'll throw away my crying towel and get back to business.

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