Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Triple Crown in Brew Town?

According to John Dewan's Stat of the Week, which compiles 2008 statistics projections from the The Bill James Handbook: Projections Update 2008, Ryan Braun will finish in the top three in each of the triple crown categories.

Batting Average
.331 Albert Pujols
.331 Hanley Ramirez
.326 Ryan Braun

Home Runs
52 Ryan Howard
46 Ryan Braun
43 Adam Dunn

Runs Batted In
142 Ryan Howard
126 Albert Pujols
122 Ryan Braun

Albert Pujols gimpy elbow may take him out of the running, cracking the door a bit wider for Braun.

James also projects that Yovanni Gallardo will finish second in the National League ERA race at 3.19 to Johan Santana's 2.96.

Interestingly, James' projections say that Prince Fielder will hit only 42 home runs this year after hitting 50 in 2007. Fielder has yet to homer this spring.

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