Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yost Feuding With Wild, Wild West

This is a gem. The LA Times (yes, that LA Times) is reporting that Ned Yost (yes, our Ned Yost) is carrying on a "feud" with the Anaheim Angels (hee, hee, hee). Apparently last spring Yost was miffed at Angels skipper Mike Scioscia for bringing a team of mostly minor leaguers to a spring training game in Maryvale. So miffed that he filed a protest with the commissioner's office. Now Yost has retaliated by doing the same thing at their game yesterday in Tempe. The only near-starter that he brought to the game was Tony Gwynn Jr. When questioned about it, he told reporters:

"I heard there's a real high flu area over that stadium, they say it's in the air."
How do they say? ROFL? You gib'em hell, Nedly.

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