Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Youth Is Served

In what apparently came down to a decision between Claudio Vargas and Carlos Villanueva, the Brewers chose to go with youth. Good for Doug Melvin. Villanueva is six years younger than Vargas and therefore has much more upside. As I commented a few days ago, the Brewers need significant improvement out of a couple of starters if they are to rise to championship caliber. Villanueva has a much better chance at doing that then Vargas.

Understanding why the Brewers were unable to trade Vargas and were rather forced to release him is rather simple. He carries a $3.6M contract and isn't anywhere near good enough to warrant that. Suppose you are the GM of the Toronto Blue Jays and Doug Melvin comes knocking offering up Vargas and his $3.6M price tag for your AA right fielder. You will realize, understanding the situation that the Brewers are in, that if you wait a few days you will be able to sign Vargas as a free agent for $1.2M and keep your AA right fielder. It's pretty much a no-brainer.

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