Thursday, April 3, 2008

4/3: Cubs 6, Brewers 3

We need to be thinking about whose spot in the rotation Yovanni Gallardo is going to take when he comes back in a couple of weeks. (Actually, Doug Melvin and Ned Yost need to be thinking about that, but you know.) Dave Bush did nothing to help his cause today.

J.J. Hardy managed only one single in the whole series. I wonder if hitting in front of the pitcher's spot is going to mean he'll have a tough time finding pitches to hit.

Is it just me or have there been a ton of broken bats this year? Every game I watch it seems like there's about one an inning. And they're not just cracking at the handle. They're busting apart into pieces. Weird.

Homecoming at Miller Park tomorrow. There'll be a baseball game too.

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