Friday, April 4, 2008

4/4: Brewers 13, Giants 4

Note to self: leave earlier next year. We left Germantown for Miller Park at 9:15 a.m. On a normal day this is a half hour trip, tops. But of course this wasn't a normal day. Stopped for maybe 10 minutes (ok, 15) to pick up tailgating supplies - food plus all of the cutlery and utensils that we didn't think to bring. Also stopped quick to buy new baseball gloves for my son and me - I thought doing it on Opening Day would be a nice touch. It's something I had been promising to do since his sixth birthday. He's 17 now. Ok, so by the time we got to the general vicinity of the stadium and got stuck in traffic it was about 10:15. After 45 minutes we were in line and in plain view of the parking lot, a mere 150 or 200 cars away from the pay window when a police officer started yelling to everyone that if you hadn't purchased an advanced parking ticket, you were S-O-L. We hadn't, so we were.

Tailgating was obviously out. So was playing catch. We made it back to State Fair Park, which was the recommended alternative, and took a shuttle bus in. All in all, this wasn't a bad way to go. We were inside the stadium by noon, in plenty of time for the first pitch.

I estimated that the percentage of people at the game who were wearing some form of Brewers apparel was about 90%. That would be about 88% more than five years ago. It's really neat to see. We're finally all look like real baseball fans out there.

Speaking of apparel, my son and I have a huge disagreement as to how cool Prince Fielder is dressing lately. He thinks the look is very retro and the shit. ("The shit", I'm told means the opposite of "is shit.")

For my opinion of it, I am obviously an idiot.

Speaking of idiots... If you have shoes like this...

please know that there are about 2,000 other people sitting behind you who would like to see the game too. When you put your legs up on the pole like that, you consume a little more than your share of field of vision.

Billy Hall hit two home runs and the Brewers won a laugher. 3-1. All is good.

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