Sunday, April 20, 2008

All Arms

By activating Yovanni Gallardo and sending Joe Dillon down to Nashville, the Brewers are only three pitchers away from what I'm sure would be Ned Yost's dream - 17 pitchers and 8 position players on the roster.

With so many pitchers on the team, why was Gagne kept in after giving up the game tying home run? He was pitching for the fourth day in a row. He looked extremely uncomfortable on the mound. The chance that he was going to get the next guy out was about 1%.

Another blown save and two more homers allowed for Gagne. That now makes 23% of his blown saves and 18% of his home runs allowed since becoming a closer in 2002 that have happened this year. And this year is only 18 games old. At this pace, he'll blow 27 saves, which he obviously wouldn't be allowed to do. Unless he starts pitching better (and less often) he is going to lose his job.

The Brewers are a very good team and will have lots of save opportunities. Yost has got to have another pitcher to go to besides Gagne for every one of them.

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