Wednesday, April 16, 2008


4/15: Cardinals 6, Brewers 1

Why, when Ned Yost gives a guy a night off, does he always put the replacement in the same spot in the batting order as the other guy? Gabe Gross batting second and Joe Dillon third? It's no wonder we didn't score any runs. Would it be too much to rethink the batting order given the eight guys you plan on playing tonight rather than base it on the eight guys you played last night? Corey Hart and Bill Hall should have been in the #2 and #3 spots.

Yost was asked about flipping Hall and Hart in the order. He said, "I'm not starting that." Um, Ned... You already did. Just a couple days ago with Fielder and Braun.

The Brewers have now lost 4 or the last 6.

Finally, did you get as sick as I did about hearing that it was "tax day" yesterday? Isn't every day "tax day" in Wisconsin?

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