Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gagne Out?

Eli's MLB Rumors reports the following in today's News and Notes:

Gagne Out As Closer?: One scout told me that Brewers executives are pushing for Gagne to be moved to a lesser role in the bullpen. This move would likely give the spot to Salomon Torres or David Riske.
As harsh as I've been on Gagne, this seems a tad premature. That being said, it shows a lot more urgency on the Brewers part than most of us are used to. There are a lot of ways to shuffle the deck in the bullpen with as many arms as they have. If this is true, it appears the Brewers are not going to lock themselves into anything that's not working. Also if that sentiment carries through to the rest of the bullpen, I've got to believe that Derrick Turnbow's days with the team are numbered.

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JamJam said...

Both Gagne and Turnbow (aka Gone-yeah/Gag-me and Turn-blow) are shells of their former, effective selves. Turnbow has had numerous shots to get it back (e.g., Mon night), so he should get the boot ASAP. Too bad Tampa wouldn't take him too. Gagne still gets a shot but shouldn't be closing games.

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