Monday, April 7, 2008

Prince's Meatless Tater Watch

I'm starting to hear a couple of rumblings here and there about the fact that Prince Fielder has yet to hit a home run this season (he only had one in spring training). And whenever that comes up, the vegetarian thing is slipped in too. Right now it's still one of those "I'm not sayin', but other people are sayin'" things. But other people are sayin'.

To set everyone's mind at ease - at least for the moment - in 2007, Prince Fielder hit his first home run in game 2 of the season, but didn't hit another until game 16. That means that even if his home run drought continues, he will only be one behind last year's pace all the way up until next week Friday.

As a service to the broccoli fearing, In-Between Hops will chart Prince's home run progress this season.

(Click on chart for larger image)

In the chart above, the red line indicates Fielder's home run tally during his NL leading, meat eating 2007 season, while the green line will indicate his progress during this, his vegetarian 2008 season. As you can see, there is no early evidence that Fielder's new eating habits have sapped him of his power. We'll keep watch as the season progresses.


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Rod said...

Good stuff - thanks!!

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