Friday, April 18, 2008


Ben Sheets has left tonight's game with tightness and pain in his right triceps. I imagine this will answer the Yovanni Gallardo question. Anytime Sheets ever leaves a game due to an injury, I automatically assume he will wind up on the DL. I'm very often right.

UPDATE: From JSOnline:

There could be more concern than Yost led on, however. Sheets said the soreness, which he first felt the day after his start in New York, was close to the torn latissimus dorsi muscle he suffered in 2005, which lingered into 2006. Sheets admitted that the proximity to the old injury made him nervous about how long this one could linger.

"It's really sore," Sheets said. "It's kind of up in that region, top of the triceps and near the lat that I injured a couple years ago.

So, Sheets was sore last Sunday (The day after his start on Saturday) and on Monday, Doug Melvin went out and signed Jeff Weaver. That tells me that there is again some serious concern about Sheets' durability. It also tells me that Melvin is really on the ball.

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