Monday, April 14, 2008

Smoke and Mirrors?

Despite a great 8-4 start, the meat part of the Brewers offense (sorry Prince) isn't producing much at all. Corey Hart bumped up his batting average yesterday with a 4-for-5 game, but look at the rest of them:

Player BA
Hart .295
Braun .226
Fielder .222
Hall .220
Weeks .213
Hardy .205

I know there's more to success than batting average, but the Brewers are also last in the National League in walks. They are fifth in home runs, but have none From Fielder, Hardy, or Hart.

I'll look at the glass half-full. Gabe Kapler and Jason Kendall have been carrying so much of the load that the Brewers are still a very respectable third in runs scored in the NL. They have stolen 11 bases out of 13 attempts, and have made very few base running blunders. They are also playing noticeably better defense than last year. (I know. The weather this past weekend was noticeably better than it was in January. It's still nowhere near great, but it's moving in that direction.)

With all of the other good things going on, if the Brewers start getting some serious production out of the main part of the order, like they did for most of last year, they are going to be an offensive force to be reckoned with in the NL. And if they don't...

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Chris B. said...

I'm kind of surprised the Brewers look so sharp on the base paths, even though we have been treated this month to the revelation that Corey Hart actually invented base running in seventh-grade wood shop.

Hope it stands up.

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