Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Brewers Go As Fielder Goes... And As Hall Goes... And As Braun Goes...

In today's blog post, Tom Haudricourt posts Prince Fielder's batting statistics in Brewers wins and losses this year.

Check out Fielder's numbers in the team's 16 victories and 16 losses:

16 wins: .322 BA, .405 OBP, .610 SLG, 1.016 OPS, 5 doubles, four homers, 16 RBI

16 losses: .185 BA, .328 OBP, .222 SLG, .551 OPS, 2 doubles, no homers, four RBI

To confirm Fielder's importance to the team, we looked back to last year. Fielder played in 82 victories and 76 losses. Here are the numbers:

82 wins: .341 BA, .441 OBP, .711 SLG, 1.153 OPS, 24 doubles, 29 homers, 79 RBI

76 losses: .228 BA, .341 OBP, .511 SLG, .852 OPS, 11 doubles, 21 homers, 40 RBI

Pretty telling, don't you think?
The trouble with this analysis is that EVERY players' stats are significantly better in their team's wins than in their team's losses. Rickie Weeks is slugging .422 in wins and .262 in losses. Bill Hall is slugging .563 in wins and .304 in losses. Corey Hart is .484 and .327. Those are the first three players I checked. Good hitting wins games. It doesn't matter who it comes from. It is a myth to think that the Brewers' success as a team rides solely on the bat of Prince Fielder.

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