Monday, May 19, 2008

Burnt Yost

The Internet is abuzz this morning (1|2) with rumors of the end of Ned Yost's tenure as manager of the Brewers. Their play in Boston was downright embarrassing, and newly signed messiah, Ryan Braun did him no favors by calling out the whole team's attitude toward the games. Read his quotes and tell me if he was talking about the players or management.

I have believed since his signing that Ted Simmons was brought in to be the heir apparent to Yost in case things went south. The Brewers have been playing miserably and have fallen to last place in their division. Teams almost always get an immediate spark from a new manager - for a few games anyway. The Brewers' next six games are against Pittsburgh and Washington; teams they should beat regardless. But replacing Yost now would allow this likely upturn to be tied emotionally to Simmons, something that could have far reaching benefit for the rest of the season. All of the pieces are in place. I can think of no more logical day for the Brewers to fire Ned Yost than today.

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Anonymous said...

It will never happen. Ned Yost is the Undead Zombie of ML Managers.

There's always some excuse, a reason, a smirking explanation for the Brewers underachieving, that never includes himself or the coaching staff.

It's now the sixth year of the Yost regime and Ned's Career managerial won/loss percentage is .464

The only mystery about today's rumor of Ned's impending termination is just what took so long?

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