Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It Takes A Committee

The Brewers have won both games since Eric Gagne begged out of the closer's role and forced Ned Yost into using a bullpen by committee. In both cases, it took just that - three different relief pitchers to get out of each game. Combined they pitched 5 innings and gave up 5 hits and 7 walks - but got two saves.

I've never liked the bullpen by committee approach. I think a manager should find the best guy for the job and hand it to him until he proves he can't do it or someone better comes along. Having a closer by committee makes no more sense to me than having a lead-off hitter by committee.

If I had to pick a guy right now to take over that role, it would be David Riske. In his 17 games pitched this year, Riske has retired the first batter he's faced 14 times, and retired the first two batters he's faced 12 times. His trouble has generally come in his second inning of work. But he has done exactly what you need a closer to do - come in the game and get guys out. Yost should be using him in that role.

UPDATE: I see now that a couple of other guys have notched saves, that Eric Gagne wants his job back.

"I had my mental break (Sunday). I'm good to go now,"
It will be very interesting to see how Ned Yost reacts to this. We'll see who's running the ship - the captain or the crew.

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Kyle Lobner said...


Listening to today's game, I'm pretty sure I heard them announce you as the winner for the 21 contest. If it was you, good luck getting 21 runs in a game where neither team even managed a hit until the 4th. :)

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