Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I'm back from being out of town for a few days vacation (went to Indianapolis to see the 500 and a few other races - my other passion besides baseball). I learned a number of things while I was gone.

1. I learned that the place where you'd think you would be most likely to pick up a WiFi connection - a place brimming with technology and wireless communication - won't have one.

2. I learned that it's a struggle to find a WiFi hotspot. I learned that it's almost impossible to find one that's free. I concluded that ten dollars is too much to pay to check your email and write a couple of quick blog entries.

3. I learned that if you have a blog, it is most likely to crash while you're out of town and unaware of it, let alone able to do anything about it.

4. I learned that if you call your hosting service and they tell you that somehow your domain's CNAME got redirected and they can't change it right now because they are having trouble with their DNS server - that's a bad thing.

6. I learned that blogs that have crashed get exactly zero readers in a typical day.

7. I will soon learn whether the loyal readers I had will find me again now that I'm back in business.

8. I learned that despite her good looks, Danica Patrick is a crybaby and a sore loser.

8. I learned that Ned Yost still has his job.

9. I learned that Nashville's entire pitching staff has been called up to the big leagues. OK, I exaggerate - a little.

Apart from hearing final scores on the radio, I haven't been in the Brewers news loop. I've got the game on now. I'll get caught back up and post what I think when I do.

* * *
On Saturday night at a sprint car race called the Little 500 in Anderson, Indiana, a track worker was killed when he was hit by a race car. The final thing I learned on my vacation is that witnessing the death of another human being, especially in a tragic manner and especially one who is working for your entertainment, is very, very unsettling.

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