Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yost Out On His Ear or Safe by a Knee?

June 2, 1982

On Jeff Wagner's radio show on Monday, he used this date as a springboard into a discussion about Ned Yost's status with the team. That was of course the date that the 23-24 Brewers, who went into the season with extremely high expectations, fired Buck Rogers and replaced him with hitting coach Harvey Kuenn en route to their only World Series appearance. If this year's Brewers go 7-8 over the next couple of weeks, they too will be 23-24.

I have two different perspectives.

This could be Ben Sheets' last year with the team. He is pitching as well as he ever has in his career. Prince Fielder, Rickie Weeks, and Corey Hart are eligible for arbitration next year which will severely tighten the team's purse strings. This season could be the Brewers best shot. If they don't start performing soon - very soon - it will be an obvious and necessary move to replace Yost with Ted Simmons.

On the other hand, the injury to Yovanni Gallardo has torn the heart out of this team. They are now 0-4 since putting him on the DL. It would be easy to use that as an excuse to just ride out this season knowing that you are still stocked with talent and get him back next year even if you lose Ben Sheets.

My bet is that Doug Melvin isn't the "we'll get 'em next year" type. Ned Yost knows it, and will start feeling the heat. He got tossed for the first time tonight.

Time to relight the candle.

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