Monday, June 2, 2008

The "B" Squad

I am going to defend Ned Yost (which admittedly is easy to do in hindsight when the decision you are defending worked.) Yesterday nearly 45,000 fans went to Miller Park to pick up a Ryan Braun bobblehead and watch the Brewers play the Astros. What they saw when they got there was a starting lineup that resembled a spring training game. This fueled an out roar from Internet pundits decrying Ned Yost for brining the Brewers' momentum to a grinding halt.

Here are the normal starters who were not in yesterday's lineup:

Kendall .256
Hardy .249
Hall .225
Cameron .223
Weeks .207

And, here are the replacements:

Rivera .344
Kapler .306
Branyan .292
Dillon .273
Counsell .235

People gripe all of the time when a manager sticks to the same unproductive lineup every day. You can't then turn around and rip him for doing the opposite of what you were complaining about. While the Brewers had won 5 of 6 games heading into yesterday, they had scored only 18 runs over those 6 games. The offense was still in need of a shakeup. I give Ned Yost credit for at least giving this a shot. Besides, Ryan Braun, Corey Hart, and the Brewers other supposed superstar Prince Fielder were all in the starting lineup.

Honestly, if I were Ned Yost I would play the exact same lineup tonight.

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