Thursday, June 5, 2008

Brett Lawrie

Brett Lawrie was the Brewers' #1 pick in today's draft. He's listed as a C/2B. That reminded me of Craig Biggio who came up as a catcher and moved to second base. Both Lawrie and Biggio bat right handed. Lawrie is 5'11", 200; Biggio is 5'11', 180. In several clips of Lawrie's scouting video, his uniform is filthy dirty. When Biggio came up with the Astros, he was assigned uniform number 4, but later switched to 7. In Lawrie's video he wears both numbers 4 and 7 (and no others). Lawrie was the 16th pick in the draft; Biggio 22nd. Here's hoping that the similarities don't end there.

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