Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Holier Than Thou

The pompous, elitist snobs who are Bud Selig's Major League Baseball, who had the arrogance to take their money grubbing information licensing case against fantasy sports franchises to the U.S. Supreme Court, were dealt a blow today when the Court refused to hear the case. MLB Advanced Media was claiming the the statistics and names of Major League players were private, confidential information that fantasy leagues were illegally using to their financial gain. I would applaud this as a victory for the fans, but it completely disgusts me that it came to this. The powers that be in Major League baseball would like it if the game were confined to sophisticated, country club gated communities where only baseball insiders - those "in the know" - were allowed in, rather than have it exposed to and tarnished by us pee-ons (sic).

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