Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Scott Sighting

OK, now I've got people emailing me wondering if I'm alright and why I haven't been posting much. Yes, I'm ok. Just very busy.

A few random thoughts...

The Brewers have the third best record in the National League, yet if the season ended today they would not be one of the four teams in the playoffs.

Despite being nine games over .500, the Brewers have scored only two more runs than they have allowed this season (351-349). That kind of disparity between a win-loss record and run differential would normally be indicative of a team that's been very lucky rather than very good. The Brewers 17-6 record in 1-run games is also suggests that. Historically, a good record in close games is not and indicator of a good record overall. You could look at the other side of the coin and see that the Brewers are 26-28 in games decided by more than one run. But hey, the wins are in the book. We'll take them.

The Brewers team slugging percentage in April, May and June has been .392, .418 and .502 respectively. They have already hit four more home runs in June that they did in the entire month of May and there are still five games left to play.

The Brewers team ERA has been 4.44, 4.28 and 3.48 in the last three months. The ERA of the starters has been 2.98 in June. Luck or not, this has been a total team transformation.

How much do you think it will cost to resign the National League Cy Young Award winner this off-season?

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