Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tidying Up

I've taken down the Ned Yost vigil, as I said I would when I thought that his chances of surviving the season were better than 50/50. Not quite two weeks ago, it seemed like Yost's demise was a foregone conclusion. Now of course, the Brewers have climbed back above .500 and are playing very well. If Yost were to be fired during this season, two things would have to happen. First, things would have to get worse than they were 13 days ago. If he survived that mess, he will survive another mess as bad. Second, things have to go sour fast enough that by changing managers in mid-season, they would still have time to right the ship and make a run at the playoffs. Otherwise there would be no point in changing. Time is running very thin for both of those to happen. It appears that at this point, Yost's job is safe.

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