Sunday, July 6, 2008 is Believing

I like it.

Look, I don't like losing Matt LaPorta any more than the next guy, but this is how you win championships in Major League baseball. Remember last year when the Brewers drafted LaPorta who was a first baseman in college, and a lot of people shook their heads because they already had Prince? This is a perfect example of why you draft the best player available with your high draft picks rather than try to fill needs on your team. If the Brewers had drafted someone other than LaPorta, they may not have been in a position to make this trade.

If Ned Yost sets his rotation properly after the All-Star break, Ben Sheets, C.C. Sabathia, and Manny Parra will start 6 of the 8 games the Brewers play later this month against the Cards and Cubs. Needless to say, these are huge games in the pennant race. (Here's a cheat sheet, Ned, in case you need one:)

Fri 7/18 @ SF Sabathia
Sat 7/19 @ SF Sheets
Sun 7/20 @ SF Suppan
Mon 7/21 @ StL Parra
Tue 7/22 @ StL #5
Wed 7/23 @ StL Sabathia
Thu 7/24 @ StL Sheets
Fri 7/25 Hou Suppan
Sat 7/26 Hou Parra
Sun 7/27 Hou #5
Mon 7/28 ChC Sabathia
Tue 7/29 ChC Sheets
Wed 7/30 ChC Suppan
Thu 7/31 ChC Parra

C.C. Sabathia has pitched twice at Miller Park in his career. The Brewers beat him on June 16, 2006 in an inter-league game, and he beat the Anaheim Angels last April 10 in a game that was moved to Miller Park due to snow in Cleveland.

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