Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jeff Turnbow

When the Brewers signed Jeff Suppan, shortly after Barry Zito signed a mammoth contract with the San Francisco Giants, I remember radio talking head Mark Belling praising the Brewers for getting a pitcher who was every bit as good as Zito for a fraction of the price. The irony of the observation of course is that Suppan in fact has turned out to be every bit as good as Barry Zito. And it's a very small bit.

In general, I don't know that I agree or disagree with Ned Yost anymore than I did any other manager in the Brewers' past, however it seems that there are three or four games a year that Yost manages with his head fully up his ass and gives the game away to the other team. Today was one of those games. In his post game press conference he defended his not taking out Suppan by saying that he pitched well except for one bad pitch (the 3-run homer) to Geoff Blum. I'm sorry, but you don't score seven runs ON ONE PITCH!!! By the time Blum hit his home run, Suppan had allowed six base runner in the inning. I kept thinking of the Miller High Life guy yelling, "Take him out! Take him out!" But Yost didn't. He just sat there as if he didn't know what was going on. Now we've lost a game to the Cubs. A game that could be very valuable come late September. OK. I'm done venting.

It would be an insult to David Bush and Seth McClung if Suppan is left in the rotation while they are forced to contend with some lame-brained home-road platoon.

OK. Now I promise I'm done.

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