Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mark of a Champion

My boss, who is only the most casual of Brewers fans, asked me yesterday to what I attribute the Brewers resurgence. "Is it because of that Attanasio guy?", she asked. I gave her some standard off-the-shelf answer, but then I pondered that question the rest of the day and the more I did, the more the answer became clear. Yes, it is because of that Attanasio guy.

For years under the Selig administration, Brewers fans were preached to about how it's impossible to put a winning product on the field because of the economic climate of the game. The Brewers were held up as the poster child for the plight of small market teams. They struggled to draw 10,000 fans to a game and the play on the field was so horrible that it was embarrassing to invite friends to a game.

Enter Mark Attanasio. Same small market, same fans, same stadium, basically the same economic landscape, but he has completely turned this organization around - not only with money, but with smart business decision making. The Brewers organization now exudes professionalism from top to bottom. They have one of the most respected front offices in the game, filled with people who understand how to win; a concept totally foriegn to the Seligs.

The trade for C.C. Sabathia was not only intellegent, but necessary in the formula for bringing a world championship to Milwaukee. These guys get it folks. The Seligs didn't, and they never would have swung this deal.

* * *
On my way home from the game last night I was behind a guy on the freeway who also doesn't get it. He had a big sign duct taped to the back and sides of his car that read:


(Coincidentally, the guys lives only blocks from my house.) I thought...

  1. This is a product of the years and years of hand wringing and pessimism of the Seligs.
  2. Future? Really? Just how long do you want to wait?
  3. Why would you duct tape anything to your car?

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