Monday, July 21, 2008

Ray of Light

I love the acquisition of Ray Durham.

Not because I give a hoot about Ray Durham - I don't. I don't really see where he's going to contribute much more to the win column than Joe Dillon would have were he given the opportunity. I love it because we will finally see what Rickie Weeks is made of. I can't tell whether Rickie Weeks is a very talented ballplayer who is extremely difficult to motivate, or if Rickie Weeks isn't all that good anyway.

Last year Weeks was sent down to the minors. He came back and played very well - when it was obvious that his job was on the line. This year he was the in-vogue pick to have a breakout season by many writers (myself included) and has played like crap. If Weeks is in fact a difficult to motivate player, the trade for Durham could light enough of a fire under him to turn him into what the Brewers had always hoped he would be. That would go a long way toward putting them over the top. If not...

Either way, the acquisition of Durham will shed invaluable light on Rickie Weeks' contract negotiations this off-season for the Brewers.

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