Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Go Hit Sheets

With his start last Thursday, Ben Sheets has hit the 160 IP mark in a season for the first time since 2004. In August of 2004, his ERA was by far the worst of any month that year:

2004 ERA
April 3.25
May 2.19
June 2.29
July 2.60
August 4.61
September 1.53

He obviously bounced back nicely in September, posting a 1.53 ERA in 7 starts - the best of any month that year.

I think Ben Sheets is feeling the dog days of summer for one of the few times in his career. He'll be fine. He'll bounce back. He'll have many more outstanding starts this season. And all of the over-reactionists who call radio talk shows after the game claiming that Ben Sheets should be sent to the bullpen or write gloom-and-doom articles about him in their sports blogs need to go to bed and get some sleep. You'll all feel better in the morning.

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DannyNoonan said...

Let's hope it plays out like this again. Thanks for the perspective.

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