Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just Pick 'Em Out of a Hat

I am now convinced that Ned Yost knows nothing about creating a proper batting order for a Major League baseball game. There can be no other reason for batting Laynce Nix third other than that, or that he is trying to lose - which it sometimes seems like he does. His continuing to put replacement players in the same spot in the batting order as the regular starters makes me wonder if he has the capacity to adapt. There have got to be 500 better batting orders with the same nine players than the one Yost used today. Cameron couldn't have batted third? Hall? Hart? Fielder? Laynce Nix hasn't had a hit in a Major League ballgame in almost two years. What makes Yost think he's all of the sudden good enough to bat third in the heat of a pennant race?

I don't care how well Ned Yost manages the other 157 games of the year. It's these five games per year that he apparently just throws away that cost the Brewers the division last year and could again this year. I'm getting pretty tired of it.

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