Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Power Surge

This probably comes as no shocking revelation, but Prince Fielder has got his groove back. After hitting only one home run in the Brewers first 20 games, Fielders power numbers have been on a steady incline.

First 54 games 0.11
Second 54 games 0.28
Last 13 games 0.54

According to the data on Hit Tracker Online, Fielder has now hit 8 home runs 425 feet or more - all since June 17th. Each of his last 7 home runs has traveled 420 feet or more - the longest such streak of his career. He's been on a pace that a 40 home run season is not out of the question.

That majestic uppercut swing is back too.

This is all great news for the Brewers, but (you knew this was coming) I can't help but wonder if Prince has maintained his vegetarian diet all season or if he hasn't been munching a cheeseburger here and there and staying under the radar about it. As long as he's producing, I don't much care one way or another. I'd just like to know if I owe a mea culpa for ripping him about it or if I can let out a big loud "see I told you so."

[Chart and blue text updated after 8/13 game]

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