Friday, August 1, 2008

Remember the Red Sox

Do you remember by in May when the Brewers were swept in a 3-game series in Boston which dropped them to 7 games back and tied for last place in the NL Central? They played horribly and it seemed like the season was lost. Think about what's happened since then. That was 55 games ago. There are 54 games left in this season. It could all happen again. If the season ended right now, the Brewers would still be in the playoffs. Getting swept by the Cubs means nothing more than they were swept by the Cubs. It's ok. It happens. You can come down from the ledge.


dash riprock said...

Yeah, and maybe monkeys will fly out my ass or maybe I'll win the Mega millions lottery drawing tonight. Until you clowns get rid of Ned Yost, you're doomed for failure. The Brewers fans always have had, and always will have an inferiority complex towards Cubs fans and our beloved Cubbies. Next to the Kansas City Royals, the Brewers are the most invisible MLB team. No one outside of cheese country gives a rats ass about you guys. Grow up and live with it. Even Miller beer has seen the light and is leaving their HQ in Milwaukee and moving to Chicago.

Scott Segrin said...

I've never thought that Brewers fans had an inferiority complex. I do think that Cubs fans have a *superiority* complex - and the evidence keeps flowing in.

You know, we never have one-tenth the problems when Cardinals fans come to town as we do when Cubs fans come. But then I guess the earth doesn't revolve around St. Louis.

Chris V said...

Well, dash, I guess the inferiority complex has to do with our jealousy of all of your World Series titles in the last 100 years. Gosh how we wish we could be known as the Lovable Losers. Then everything would be peachy

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