Monday, September 15, 2008


Alright, I'm over my giddiness. No more corny poetry.

Some thoughts and opinions on the Yost firing:

1. Has any team ever in the history of baseball fired a manager with so few games left in the season while they were still in contention for the playoffs? I couldn't find one.

2. Was Zambrano's no-hitter in the Brewers' home park the final nail in the coffin?

3. If the Brewers were willing to fire Yost before the end of the season, in the heat of a pennant race, why now and not before the Philly series? The Brewers needed to beat the Phillies. Now the Phillies are on a roll and play the rest of their schedule against some of the worst teams in the league. The Brewers could win 9 of their last 12 games and still not get in the playoffs. I hope this didn't come too late.

4. It's being speculated that the firing was Mark Attanasio's call rather than Doug Melvin's. If it was, I wish he would admit as much. People respect Atanasio. They would back this decision. It would be refreshing to have a little bit of a maverick owner in town.

5. I still can't help but think that Ted Simmons still fits into the Brewers plans somewhere in the future. Perhaps he was removed from his dugout position so that if these last 12 games don't work out, the Brewers can clean house and Simmons won't have to go down with the ship. I would love someday to hear Simmons' take on Ned Yost - the truth; not some media friendly BS.

6. On the other hand, it would seem that the managerial job is Sveum's for the taking if he can get this team to the playoffs.

7. Interesting that Robin Yount is returning as bench coach. I think his line about wanting to return to Arizona to spend more time with his family was just that. I think the real reason he left the first time is that he didn't get along with Yost.

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