Friday, September 12, 2008


Adam Charles at Bugs and Cranks has a spectacularly well written piece of advice for Corey Hart regarding his comments about how he's "looser" playing in Philly. (Click here to read).

I have one tidbit to add. I hate to blame Ned Yost for everything, but I have long felt that he treats the players on this team like a bunch of cry babies. He coddles them, protects them, and never EVER calls them to task to the fans or the media. He didn't with Derrick Turnbow, with Bill Hall, Prince Fielder, Eric Gagne, Johnny Estrada, Matt Wise. You could go on and on and on. And I doubt he'll have anything negative to say about this. A good managers should set standards for his players so high that if the players lives up to them, he will be far exceeding the expectations of the fans and media. When he doesn't, you get crap like this.

As for Corey Hart, I can give him 3.1 million reason why the fans have a right to expect more from this team. If he doesn't like that and feels looser and more at home in Philadelphia than in Miller Park, then he's used one too many O's in describing how he feels.

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