Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Odds & Ends: Bob Brenly

Brenly was the fourth manager in history to win a World Series in his first year managing - 2001 with the Diamondbacks.

In 2001, Brenly led the Major Leagues in most times keeping a starting pitcher in the game for 120+ pitches with 22. The next closest manager that year had 10. He had Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson on that team, but still.

When Brenly was fired in 2004, the Diamondbacks record was 29-50; a .367 W/L percentage. Al Pedrique took over for the rest of that season and remarkably the team got much worse, going 22-61 the rest of the way; a .265 percentage. Perhaps Brenly wasn't the problem.

Robin Yount was Brenly's bench coach in 2004. Yount resigned after Brenly was fired out of respect for him. I wonder if Brenly gets the Brewers job if he would talk Yount into returning in that role. Maybe he would even find a place for Dale Sveum.

On September 13, 2008, two days before Ned Yost was fired, Brenly signed a four year contract extension to continue as a color commentator for the Cubs.

Brenly has a son Michael who is a catcher in the Cubs organization.

In addition to his broadcasting gigs, Brenly worked for three years as a coach in San Francisco under Dusty Baker.

During his playing career, Brenly was managed by Frank Robinson and Roger Craig for three full seasons each.

At Ohio University, Brenly tied Mike Schmidt's single season home run record.

Once Brenly made 4 errors in a game at third bae but later went on to hit the game winning home run.

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Unknown said...

I remember that game where Brenly made four errors and hit that homerun. It was against the Braves and they were playing in San Francisco. To me, that is the most admirable game as a fan to take home to.

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