Tuesday, October 28, 2008


As I write this, about 8:00 p.m. Central time on Wednesday, it is not raining in Philadelphia - theoretically they could be playing. I'm sure the field is a mess and it's a wise decision to push the game back until Wednesday - which by the way is the day that Game 6 was scheduled to be played; the game that Major League baseball pushed back a half hour to accommodate Barack Obama's infomercial - but I digress.

The last two innings of last night's game should have never been played. Those weren't conditions suitable for a World Series. The reason the were played was of course was because they wanted to avoid the embarrassment of the game ending under a rain delay.

I think baseball should just change the rule to say that any game that starts will be finished. Period. All games will go nine innings. That way the umpires can call a game when they see fit without regard for the score. For the sake of the starting pitchers, I would like to see at least a one hour window of dry weather for a game to start, but in today's age of Doppler radar, anyone with an internet connection can predict that with pinpoint accuracy. As unfortunate as it is when a team loses a six inning, rain shortened game, it's equally unfortunate when a team builds up a five run lead in the first three innings only to have it wiped out by weather. Forget all of that. Just say that if the first pitch is thrown, the last one will be too.

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