Friday, January 2, 2009

Call to Arms

Happy New Year everyone.

As the calendar turns and free agent pitchers are being signed one-by-one, I'm starting to wonder what Doug Melvin's plan is for putting together a pitching staff. Between Sabathia, Sheets, Torres, Shouse, Mota, Gagne, Taverez, Turnbow, and Zach Jackson the Brewers have lost 581 innings pitched - 40% of their team total. So far they have bought in Jorge Julio and R.J. Swindle who combined for 34 innings last year.

So who is goint to pitch all the other innings? Gallardo could pick up maybe 160 over last year's total - if he stays healthy. The returning pitchers could match last year's numbers - if they stay healthy. Without any injuries, the Brewers are still about a full starter and 3 or 4 relievers short of a full load. Add an injury or two, which is inevitable, and this team could be looking long, long season.

Time to get busy, Doug.

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