Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hells Bells

Let me start by saying that having Trevor Hoffman as the Brewers' closer is much better than having Jeff Suppan like I suggested in my last post. That "off the wall" comment was just that. Desperate times called for desperate measures. But with Hoffman here, these are no longer desperate times.

Hoffman's signing is worlds better that Eric Gagne last year. He's much cheaper and much more dependable. Some have looked at Hoffman's 3.77 ERA last year and called it evidence of a decline. Not so. There has been very little appreciable change in Hoffman's skill stats over the course of his career. His stats last year were really no different than his career norms:

(click on graph for larger view)

I am not at all bothered by this being only a 1-year deal with no club option. If he pitches well, he will like it here and want to come back. And if not...

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