Friday, February 6, 2009

Buy Low

It would seem that right now would be the ideal time for the Brewers to sign Ben Sheets. Crazy? Think it through. With Sheets unable to pitch, the Brewers hold all of the cards. If any other team signs him, even to a multi-year deal, they will give up draft picks before he even throws a pitch. Nobody is going to do that. The Brewers obviously wouldn't give up picks by signing him so they have least to lose.

Suppose they sign Sheets now for a 2-year deal - maybe $2M this year and an incentive laden deal for 2010. They would settle the dispute over who pays for his surgery and avoid any PR fallout. They would potentially have him back for a pennant run in September and they would have him under contract in 2010, when they could either trade him or earn back the free agent draft picks. Sure, it's a roll of the dice, but it has a big upside.

Who knows - maybe they could bring him back next year as the closer. That might be a role better suited for his fragile body.


Nate Roth said...

Good theory, though the Brewers would be smart to weight the contract more heavily in 2010 and try to sign Sheets to a minimum in '09. The reason I say this is because the Brewers would be unable to insure his 2009 contract with the injury due to the pre-existing condition ... so better to take a $425k hole in the payroll than a $2mm hole.

Just sayin', but seeing how unrealistic Sheets has been this off-season regarding his value, I don't see him warming to this situation.

I wish Hoffman's contract was spent on Garland (or other mediocre starter), but that's another long winded post on my own neglected site.

Unknown said...

My original thought when I saw that Sheets was going to need surgery was that maybe the Brewers could get him back at a more reasonable price. I wouldn't even mind seeing an incentive-laden contract for 200 innings pitched or something like that, as long as he isn't guaranteed a dime over the minimum without pitching a game.

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